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You’ve created an amazing chatbot, your users love it and can’t stop using it.


Now with you can easily monetize your chatbot via delightful content that comes in the form of native endorsements for products and services.


Get Started


This guide is for chatbot developers, owners and operators who want to monetize their chatbots, virtual agents and messaging applications.

Today we enable two types of monetization:

  1. Clickable Ad Content that generates commission which pays out.

  2. Products to purchase via Amazon Associates that Amazon Associates pays out.

Integrating into a chatbot is the first step towards earning revenue. Once you’ve signed up and created a account you can select monetization types and publish within your chatbot.




  • A minimum of one production chatbot with users. If you don’t have one, we have Chatfuel chatbot templates to help you get started.

  • A Paypal account so you can receive payouts.

  • A way for us to contact you if we need to. Email, Messenger are perfect.


Quick Reference


Follow this quick reference to go from account creation to generating revenue in minutes.


  1. Create a account via email or Facebook ID. If you’re using email to create your account, remember to verify your email account and check spam folders if you haven’t received an email from after creating your account.

  2. Supply your PayPal account information. We will send your commissions by the 5th of each month, paying out the total commissions generated from the previous month.

  3. Create an Agent, feel free to create as many as you like. We currently have two types of agents:

    1. Cashbot Advertisement Agents

    2. Product Agents

  4. Implement your Agents into your chatbot. We make integration easy by providing preformatted integrations and bindings with Chatfuel, ManyChat, NodeJS & REST.

  5. Place your Agents where your users will easily find and interact with them.

  6. Test out your end-user experience by interacting with your Agents and clicking on the content that gets displayed.

  7. Check your revenue earnings.

    1. For Cashbot Ad Agents we supply reporting that updates every 15 minutes.

    2. For Product Agents check Amazon Associates reporting.

  8. Now that you’ve built and tested your Agents, design experiences within your chatbot that users love and let help you build your business.


Agents Agents are what we supply to you so you can monetize user traffic and engagement. You place Agents within your chatbot and when users engage with those agents you make money. supplies two types of Agents. Each has different content types, can be modified differently and have different earnings potential. Both are always free to use.


  1. Cashbot Advertisement Agents - make money when your users click

  2. Product Agents - make money when your users purchase products Advertisement Agents


Cashbot Ad Agents are filled with sponsored content. The platform curates which types of content and what to show your users. See a great example here.


Types of Sponsored Content include but are not limited to:

  1. Branded Chatbots who want to acquire users - see an example here.

  2. Games that want to acquire users.

  3. Landing pages for businesses who want to acquire customers and users.

  4. Mobile App Download pages - see an example here.


Product Agents


Product agents are filled with product pages. You as the owner and operator of your chatbot curate what products to show your users. We help by making this very easy and provide an interface to assist with the curation process.


Today we provide access to products via Amazon Associates. You can see an example here.


Implementing Agents


There are two distinct concepts of importance.

  1. How to implement

    1. How to implement an agent deals with how to implement and integrate into your chatbot experience.

  2. Where to implement

    1. Where to implement an agent deals with where to implement the agent within your chatbot experience.


How to Implement:


We supply four ways to integrate into your chatbot.


  1. Chatfuel plugin

  2. Manychat plugin

  3. Node.js

  4. REST


parameters: JSON in body



Formatting for body


“first name”: STRING,

“last name”: STRING,

“gender”: ENUM STRING,

“locale”: ENUM STRING,

“timezone”: ENUM STRING,



Where to implement:


Where you implement an agent is very important and will ultimately impact how much money you’re able to make. Another way to refer to the concept of “Where to implement” is “Placements”.


Minimum Placements:


1. Ad Agents work great in the persistent menu. Label the button 🎉Surprise Me 👀or 👉Meet my Friends 👈 or something creative and fun. 













2. When a user unsubscribes from your chatbot. Why not share monetization content prior to a user leaving you forever? Make sure you do prior to deleting the user from your database. 












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Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 4.39.19 PM.png FAQs

Um, I thought I could make a chatbot with What do I do??

No problem! We have friends that can help. Check out Chatfuel and ManyChat - they can help you build a chatbot. Then come back, log in and create your Agent.

What the heck are agents? 🕵🏽‍♀️

Agents are API keys that serve ads or products to your users through your chatbot. There are two types of agents, Ad Agents and Product Agents.

Ad Agents serve your chatbot users with brand experiences, kind of like advertising, but better, because cashbot uses AI-powered targeting to find the best brand matches for your chatbot users. Ad Agents are the best way to make money, because you get paid by cashbot when users click.

Product Agents serve affiliate store products that you choose, to your chatbot users. You get paid through your affiliate when your users buy something you recommended.

How much money can I make?💰

That depends on a few factors: your user base demographics and where they are located, brand interest in those users and how you integrate Agents. For guidance on best practices for Agent integration tactics, check out this video.

How do I get paid? And when??💰💰💰

If you integrate an Ad Agent, will pay you monthly for every user click. If you integrated a Product Agent, you will be paid by your affiliate according to their policies.

Will my users love it? 💕

Yes! Chatbot users are matched with the recommendations that fit their interests using our AI technology.

I'm not an engineer. Is hard to integrate?

Nope! You can create your Ad Agent in just 2 simple steps, and a Product Agent in 4 easy steps. We made accessible for every skill level.

Can I use in my non-US based chatbot?

Yep. We love our chatbots from around the world. We are truly inclusive technology.😃

Can I still use if I built my chatbot myself?


Does work on other platforms besides Facebook Messenger?

Yes! is platform agnostic. Contact us for specifics.


Videos platform being used to endorse branded chatbots, products & action based promotions.

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Tutorial: Curating an agent & Chatfuel integration

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