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High-quality brands are eager to connect with your audience. We make it easy, you make money.


First, create ad agents with our easy-to-implement toolset. 

Next, tell us about your chatbot and define your core audience. 

Lastly, choose the brands that your users will love, then integrate the agent in your chatbot!

Assaf Elovic, CTO of

“ provides the first ideal solution for chatbot monetization. After months of searching for a legitimate monetization tool, I’ve finally found”

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Whether you have 1,000 or 1,000,000 users,
Eyelevel helps you make money.

Easy to get started, easy to improve

Our large catalog of tutorials gets you started quickly, and in-depth analytics help you improve ad performance.

Always know what your users see

Ad content transparency lets you maintain control over what your users see.  

Seamless integrations
Eyelevel ads are always native to chatbot format and can be placed in any flow of your chatbot conversation. 

Supported integrations

We offer special services for enterprise publishers 


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